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Product Overview


Dankoff Solar Pumps manufactures the most efficient surface pumps in the world. When you need to move or pressurize water, depend on the first solar pump manufacturer in the world. For nearly 40 years we have made our pumps in the USA, and great pride is taken in our workmanship and customer service. 

This is the way we made our name over the last four decades, and this is the way we will continue to operate moving forward. 

You can depend on us to provide the appropriate solution. From providing freshwater supply for irrigation, livestock, or domestic purposes to pumping away stagnant water in order to prevent water-borne diseases when natural disasters, war, or poverty force people to live in crowded conditions, our pumping solutions tackle vital water challenges. 


  • Surface-mounted solar-powered pumps 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Durable – Life expectancy of 15-20 years 
  • Ultra Energy Efficient 
  • Field-Repairable with simple maintenance 
  • Rebuildable 
  • Numerous Performance Levels – pump up to 1,000 vertical ft (305m) and 70 GPM (265 LPM) 


Anytime there is a need to move and pressurize water. Common applications include irrigation, livestock watering, and water supply and pressure for domestic use, rainwater catchment systems, and environmental remediation. 


  • No electricity available 
  • Expensive electricity 
  • Focus on sustainable living 
  • Unreliable electricity 


  • SlowPump – Livestock watering, community water supply, personal water transfer (rain barrel to garden) 
  • Flowlight Booster – Household water pressure, small-scale pressurized irrigation 
  • SunCentric – High volume water transfer, flood/open irrigation, dirty water applications (sump pumping) 
  • Solar Force Piston Pump – Higher volume pressure, large drip irrigation, dirty water applications 
  • Solaram – High lift / High pressure – up to 1000 ft (305m) or 433 psi (30 bar), dirty water applications 
  • Solution Kits – Pre-assembled complete pumping kits commonly used for household water pressure, livestock watering, irrigation, and hydroponics


  • Controllers are optional. Specifications of the application may require a controller to be used for the pump to start and run in varying sunlight conditions. Controllers increase system performance approximately 30% over the course of one year! 
  • Upgrade options include Stainless Steel versions of the SlowPump, Flowlight Booster, and Solar Force Piston Pump, while High-Temperature versions are available for the SlowPump and SunCentric models. 
  • High-Temperature versions of SlowPump handle up to 190 ̊F / 88 ̊C, while High-Temperature SunCentrics handle up to 240 ̊F / 115 ̊C. Common uses for High-Temperature models include lubrication, as well as Geothermal and Solar Thermal fluid transfer /circulation. 
  • The motors have brushes. Brushes in our motors ensure that, with proper care, you can keep your motor operating longer. We have pump motors still in operation after 25 years! More power is delivered to the motor in a standard brushed motor, versus using a brush-less equivalent. Additionally, brushes allow for a wider range of voltage input and can handle solar-direct applications better. 
  • Keep pump in a cool, dry place with free-flowing air around the motor for cooling. Shelter pumps from all elements including rain, direct exposure to sun during operation, and freezing conditions. 
  • Suction lift must be limited. Install pumps as close to water source as possible. Intake pipe must be sized generously to allow no more than a slight pressure drop at peak flow rate. For suction lift limitations, reference the specification sheet for each pump. 
  • Pumps must remain primed / MUST NOT run dry 
  • SlowPump and Flowlight Booster models require water to be filtered absolutely clean 


  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM) 
  • Red Cross 
  • Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) 
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 


  • 115112 Soil Preparation, Planting, and Cultivating 
  • 115210 Support Activities for Animal Production 
  • 115310 Support Activities for Forestry 
  • 213113 Support Activities for Coal Mining 
  • 213114 Support Activities for Metal Mining 
  • 213115 Support Activities for Nonmetallic Minerals (except Fuels) Mining 
  • 221310 Water Supply and Irrigation Systems 
  • 333111 Farm Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing 
  • 333911 Pump and Pumping Equipment Manufacturing 
  • 562910 Environmental Remediation Services 

Manufacturing and Distribution is located in Elk City, Oklahoma. Sales and System Design is located in New Mexico and Oklahoma, or via a wide range of certified Dealers around the world. 


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