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Surface Pumps

Since 1983, with the introduction of the world’s first commercially available low power solar pump, the SlowPump, Dankoff Solar Pumps is now synonymous with high quality, durable, and extremely efficient pumping solutions. 

Offering a complete line of pumps with a life expectancy of 15-20 years, Dankoff has a solution for most needs, whether it be pushing through miles of pipe, pumping up to 50,000 (200 m3) gallons/day from a shallow source, providing city water pressure to any location, or watering your garden.

Designed to use about 65% less energy than a conventional grid-powered pump, Dankoff Solar Pumps can run directly off of a solar panel or can output up to 30% more per day when controlled by the Dankoff DC Controller, which can also charge and regulate batteries for systems that require 24-hour operation. 

All Dankoff branded products are designed and assembled in the USA are serviceable with readily available replacement parts, and ship directly from our headquarters in Elk City, Oklahoma. From professional installer to first-time user, Dankoff products provide first-person technical support with just a phone call, so you can get your system up and running.

Dankoff Solar Surface Pump Lineup