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About Dankoff Solar

Brand Promise

Dankoff will always provide our customers with the highest quality solution and service throughout the life of the system. 

We seek to offer sustainable products, much like the renewable energy they use. Dankoff aims to be synonymous with long-lasting quality and unmatched customer service to help maintain our product for years to come.

Our History

Dankoff was founded in 1983 by Windy Dankoff to solve a problem with irrigation in the US Southwest. Dankoff realized the potential for renewable energy decades before it became a topic of national conversation. He noticed that pumps at the time were inefficient and drawing too much power. 

Working with U.S. suppliers, he developed a series of pumping solutions that could solve a variety of problems faced by off-grid consumers, many of whom still purchase these products today. The company has since sold pumps around the world, with some originals out in the field to this day. 

Dankoff Solar has always focused on taking care of the planet, both by introducing and encouraging the use of renewable energy and by offering quality products that last to avoid creating unnecessary waste.

Today Dankoff Solar is located in Elk City, Oklahoma as part of Solar Power and Pump, a parent company committed to the renewable energy water pumping industry.

Customer Testimonials

“We are closing in on 20 years of flawless service from your model 2507-12 Solar SlowPump. The hum of the SlowPump kicking in is like hearing the voice of a dependable friend. Thank you for bringing such a superior product to market.”

Thomas G., FL

“I was very happy with the performance, longevity and virtually maintenance free aspect of my SlowPump that was installed and continually in use from 1986 to 2014. The brushes were replaced once in that 28 year time frame. The pump was used to pump water from our cistern to a pressure tank. I feel the pump was a great value and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid performer.”

Tom L., Ohio

“The best part about Dankoff Pumps is, they work so well, you completely forget about it, it just does it’s job, day in, day out”

Kim, CO

“22 years on SlowPump #1, and 12 years on SlowPump #2. Flawless…”

Ted, CA

“Replaced the head on my Booster pump after fifteen years, she’s good to go another fifteen!”

Mike, AZ

“Chose this pump for the best reputation for off-grid reliability and durability”

Chris, TX

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