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Installation & Repair

Parts Available for Order:

  • Replacement Pump Heads
  • Replacement Motors
  • Replacement Filters
  • Replacement Brushes
  • Parts Kits for Solar Force Piston Pumps
  • Seal and Gasket Kits for SunCentric Pumps

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Motor Rebuilding/Repair

Dankoff Solar Pumps does repair motors. If your pump motor is still covered by its warranty, please contact your local dealer to set up the return and repair process. However, once your warranty has expired, a local machine shop should be contacted. In most cases, they can service your motor in a timely fashion and save you unnecessary shipping costs. Certain damages to motor windings will not be fixed by Dankoff Solar Pumps. A select number of machine shops have the ability to repair this type of damage.

*Please call before sending in your motor to be rebuilt.

Pump Head Repair

Dankoff Solar Pumps does not repair pump heads. Most pump head rebuilds cost around half of the price of a new pump head. So, in many cases, it makes more sense to purchase a brand new pump head. However, if you would like to have your existing SlowPump or Flowlight Booster pump head repaired, please contact Dankoff Solar and we can guide you on the process.

**Please note there is a typical 3 week lead time on the repair of a pump head.

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