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The Fish Farm 70GPM

Circulates at 70GPM, for ponds 150’ or larger diameter. Complete Kit: $5499 Core: $2899

Complete kits come with:

  • Pump
  • PV (Solar) Panels
  • All cables
  • On/Off disconnect switch
  • Piping adapters and clamps
  • Water inlet strainer
  • PV Rack and hardware
  • Installation Guide
  • All packaged for standard UPS/FedEx/USPS delivery.

Customer need only supply a 1 ¼ -½” suction hose, a 1” or larger output hose, a 3” steel pole-mounted in the ground (preferably with Quickrete), a grounding rod, and protect the pump from the weather. Core kits simply come with the pump and disconnect switch.

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